Custom / Bulk Tiny Mail

The Original Mini-Missive
We love to play with scale in unexpected ways to create anticipation and surprise. Our various tiny mail creations deliver your message or gift via an exquisitely detailed experience that’s light-hearted, eye-catching, and memorable.

These mini-missives are perfect for:

  • Direct mailings to high-value prospects
  • New product or award announcements
  • Holiday cards or event invitations
  • Customer appreciation
  • Press and partner outreach
  • Thank yous
  • Small corporate gifts

Custom & Personal
Tiny letters, cards, and packages are all easily customized with your logo, color palette, custom message, object, and red wax seal. A well coordinated custom batch of tiny mail will get your message across in a way that resonates as creative, thoughtful, and personal.

The Details…
Various components (wax seals, magnifying glass, objects, etc.) can be mixed and matched across relevant tiny mail formats.

  • The best concepts combine a call to action with a witty message that plays up the miniature theme.
  • Larger envelopes or padded mailers are needed to send tiny missives via regular mail.
  • We can handle the mailing directly to your recipients or can ship everything to you at once.
  • Minimum custom order is 50 units.

Fill out our custom quote form for more information. We look forward to hearing about your special project!

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