Teeny tiny seed packets! They may be miniature, but they are not make-believe. You’ll find a pinch of real seeds inside each one! Carrots and cosmos are both easy to grow, so don’t worry if your recipient isn’t the biggest green thumb.

The beautiful paper egg box is made in Germany by a company that’s been making these since 1894. We love this little postal bunny!

Tiny Mail from E. Bunny

Send tiny care packages to celebrate spring!

Inside the beautiful paper egg box, your lucky recipient will find:

• a letter from E. Bunny
• two tiny seed packets (with real seeds inside!)
• a metal shovel charm (to plant the seeds with!)
• a mini magnifying glass

The letter is pre-written by the Easter Bunny (aka Lea). Scroll to the close-up photo to read the entire thing.

Intended for all ages – from little kids to grown-ups! Send directly to friends and family, or we can send them to you to hand-deliver. You can also order them to tuck into your child’s Easter basket.

$26 - Tiny Mail from E. Bunny

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