Meet Leah:

An introduction from Lea:

When I think about color, I can’t help but think of my friend Leah. Leah Rosenberg and rainbows occupy a similar space in the categories of my brain, and it is a pure, colorful delight to have crossed paths with this amazing maker. We’re both so busy making things that we end up waving at each other across the SF Bay most of the time, but whenever we finally pin ourselves down and share a pot of tea, we’re infinitely glad. If you love your pair of striped socks, Leah’s work is for you! If you love cake, Leah’s work is for you! If you want to carry a colorful flag or walking stick on a hike through the woods while planting colorful bits of seed paper confetti, welcome to Leah’s world.

Leah has been creating scrumptious, eye-dazzling color works for the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for over a decade. Her creations span painting, sculpture, printmaking, food and performance, and many of her works are collaborative. She holds an MFA from California College of the Arts, zips around to residency after residency faster than I can keep up with her, and installs large-scale works all over town. (Honestly, when does she sleep? When she does, I bet she dreams in color.) She is also Creative Director on a project called Color Factory. Find her as the artist-in-residence at Recology (aka the SF Dump) this fall. She’ll be working with the recycled paint program and is fully aware that all of the paint there might be grey. If it is, I have no doubt that Leah will make something gorgeous and interesting with it all.

Keep in touch with Leah by finding her on Instagram (@leahmartharosenberg), and signing up for her newsletter via¬†her website. While you’re there, check out her myriad colorful projects! And keep an eye out for her colorful installation if you’re at SFO airport!

The Color Collector’s Handbook – by Leah

A Journal for Discovering the Colors in Your Everyday.

My friend Leah made this awesome book, and I’m delighted to share it with you!

From Leah:
“Hello, Color Collector! Within the pages of this journal, you’ll discover loads of beautiful hues to find and collect in the world around you. Hunt each shade down, record your sightings, and let the magic of color inspire and astound you!”

Seek, find, name, and document the discovery of 108 colors in this fantastic journal. Carry the whole book around with you, or punch out the little color swatches (hiding in the book’s cover) and carry them in your pocket or purse. Snap photos along with way (#colorcollector) and jot down the color locations on each color’s page in the book. We wish you luck!

See below for my intro to the colorful Leah Rosenberg and her work.


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