How Does It Work?

  • Week 1: The first installment of the story arrives via a tiny letter in your mailbox along with a high-quality magnifying glass, character roster, and a small custom box that sets the stage for the story. Use the box for safekeeping of the additional letters that arrive in subsequent weeks.
  • Weeks 2 Through 6: A new letter will arrive via mail once a week. Each letter will move the story along, via direct communications between characters. Sometimes there might be extras included, like a postcard from a character who’s on vacation or some other piece of paper ephemera that plays into the story.
  • Weeks 7+: Take all six letters that make up the story out of the box and read the series over and over, just like you would your favorite traditional children’s book.

Keep Me Posted Stories

A UFO has landed in the backyard. Is it alien? Is it art? Read over the shoulders of Buzz, Anton, Ladybug and their insect pals as they write each other letters and explore possibilities. Will you solve the mystery before they do?

Keep Me Posted is a new format for a children’s book that combines the magic of a great story with the wonder of receiving real letters by mail. Pay close attention—and watch your mailbox each week—as this kid’s books for all ages unfolds.

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