“Secret Admirer” Valentine – Tiny Chocolate Package

Send anonymous “secret admirer” tiny chocolate packages to loved ones for Valentine’s Day!

Think “secret Santa” but for Valentine’s Day! Surprise and delight friends and family with these anonymous tiny greetings from a loving “Secret Admirer”: you! Inside, they’ll find a sweet treat: a delicious square of premium TCHO dark chocolate. Be as secretive as you like about your delivery, and reveal yourself as the “sender” whenever you’re ready.

Option 1:
Add the single package offering to your cart (one at a time), provide addresses, and we’ll mail them out for you for Valentine’s arrival. (See photo #4 to the left.)

Option 2:
We’re selling them in bulk so you can hand-deliver (or mail) them yourself!

Please Check Back Soon!

$6 - one "secret admirer" chocolate package mailed for you to any address! (+$5 shipping)

Ship To:

$32 - six "secret admirer" chocolate packages in bulk

Ship To: