TCHO is a Berkeley, CA based fine chocolatier specializing in ethical sourcing practices. They’re making the world a better place through delicious, high-quality chocolate. We’re proud to offer their superb dark chocolate inside these tiny packages!

Tiny Chocolate Packages

Fill in the “to” and “from” areas, and hand-deliver to loved ones!

Sparkly new for Valentine’s Day, we’ve created these tiny packages filled with premium chocolate squares. We’re selling them in bulk so you can hand-deliver them to all your loved ones. They come with a 005 Micron pen, so you can add your recipients’ names and any other playful “address” details you like. Here are some ideas for how to distribute them:

• Give them to all your friends!
• Pass them out at the office!
• Deliver them to your classmates and favorite teachers.
• Distribute them to strangers on the subway, bus, or sidewalk!
• Take them to a dinner party or potluck, and set one on each plate.
• Use them as party favors at your birthday celebration.
• Send them in the real mail (in larger mailers).

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$15 for 3 Tiny Chocolate Packages (no pen)

Ship To:

$45 for 12 Tiny Chocolate Packages (with pen)

Ship To:

$120 for 36 Tiny Chocolate Packages (with pen)

Ship To: