Dandelion Post

Nested stationery that radiates through the postal system! From you to 600+ friends, family and strangers.

Inspired by the lifecycle of a dandelion and its seed dispersal strategy, Dandelion Post is designed with warmth, playfulness, and paper cleverness. It is sealed with love and sent by you!

To “seed” a set, the 1st person in the burst pattern folds up and nests together the full 16-envelope set. They then open the outermost envelope to find a heart-shaped posterette to keep and enjoy. Also inside is a series of letters for a branching chain of sending and receiving that continues until, finally, 16 people are enjoying heart posterettes and hundreds of tiny paper hearts are being passed around and around. It’s a flurry of good cheer and encouragement!

Dandelion Post reminds us that a little bit of love can go a long way. It is a small act – to pause, to be mindful, to reach out. I believe small acts add up, and can lead to great things.

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