Your Privacy

It’s Your Information

Leafcutter Designs is not a data company and we never will be. We design and make fun things. We don’t vacuum up personal information about what kind of tea you drink, how you shop, or whether you’re more likely to click on a buy button if it’s green instead of blue. We do, however, collect some very basic information so we can make, ship, and follow-up on your order smoothly. Read on to better understand how, when, and why we gather certain information and how we use it.


Safety & Security Guaranteed

Shopping at Leafcutter Designs is safe and secure. See that big green padlock and our company name in green next to our website address? That means we’re using the industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol so that the data you submit and all credit card transactions are secure. This SSL system encrypts whatever information you share with us via our website throughout the ordering process, so that no one can see or intercept it in transit. And as an additional layer of security, we never store credit card numbers. So there’s no way your payment information can be stolen later.


Where in the World?

Our payment system automatically logs each customer’s IP address, which is the number that’s assigned to your computer or mobile phone whenever you’re browsing the internet. In the aggregate, this information helps us figure out where in the world our customers might be so that we can make sure we’re offering appropriate shipping services and quick page loading. We don’t connect your IP address to any personal information or use it to build sophisticated customer profiles.


Send Me Something!

When you order a custom tiny letter or unique gift from Leafcutter Designs, we collect a limited amount of personal information: name, email, shipping and billing info, and payment information. We need this information to accurately process, make, and ship your order. We’ll also use it to let you know how things are coming along and provide you with a tracking number for your shipment. We do NOT archive credit card information. If you want to add something to your order or re-order, you’ll need to check out and pay a second time since we don’t keep your payment info on file.


Email Lists

When you sign up for Lea’s newsletter, we ask for nothing more than your email address. We’ll never rent, barter, sell, offer, lose, share, or even whisper your email address to anyone. Once you’re signed up, it’s super easy to unsubscribe if you no longer want to hear from us by email.


Yummy Cookies!

Leafcutter Designs serves up fresh baked “cookies” whenever you visit our site. That’s how we connect your custom order information, like the contents of your tiny letter, to your eventual payment. Once we see you’ve paid for your order, then we make it and ship it, just like you want us to!

Most web browsers automatically accept these cookies and everything usually goes smoothly. Web cookies do not allow us to access any information on your computer. They merely allow us to know that you are still you as you move around our website, add things to your cart, and proceed through checkout. We also use cookies to make sure customers are able to navigate our site smoothly and find what they’re looking for easily.

We never use cookies to show you advertisements — not on our site or on any other site.