The book begins with the “sky scarf.” Every day, you knit a stripe in colors that match that particular day’s sky, slowly creating your own weather history in the form of a striped scarf!

In another, you get gum balls from vending machines, adding stripes to socks in the same color order that the gum balls dispense. There’s a project that invites you to track your flower smelling around your neighborhood, another in which you make a “moon cowl” that you adjust to match the current phase of the moon when you where it, and yet another where you change colors in your knitting whenever you change subway lines.

There’s also a guide towards the end of the book that walks you through the invention of your own custom-designed “conceptual knitting” project.

Knit The Sky

Cultivate Your Creativity with a Playful Way of Knitting

Record the beauty and emotion of everyday experiences — not on the paper pages of your journal, but on the soft and woolly surface of your knitting. This book offers 32 inspiring ideas to get you started knitting up your life!

NOT JUST FOR KNITTERS. Yes, Knit The Sky is a book of knitting projects, but even more than that it’s a book about how to turn any activity into a meaningful, delightful adventure. I like to tell people that they can read my book and design breakfasts, or date nights, or play dates for their kiddos.

In this charming book, Lea Redmond puts her big heart into creative knitting projects. She reminds us that the sky’s the limit — in knitting and in life.”  –Ann Hood, author of The Knitting Circle

Written by Lea. Illustrated by Lauren Nassef. Published by Storey.

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