Please enjoy this free download of my workbook. I recommend printing it before watching the video workshop (below), so you can work in the book along the way.

workshop: The Perfect Gift

Gift giving can be tricky!

Is a great gift purchased at a store? Sometimes. Could a great gift also be held by the night sky, found in Grandmother’s attic, or handed to us by the ocean? Yes indeed! The possibilities are truly endless when we think more expansively about what is a gift.

Join me, Lea Redmond, to refresh the meaning of the phrase: “It’s the thought that counts.” Learn how to design a uniquely fitting gift for a particular special person in your life via a radically thoughtful creative process of exploration, reflection, and action.

In the video workshop (below), you will:
• enjoy Lea’s collection of great gift stories
• use a printable PDF of Lea’s workbook
• generate and begin to develop your own unique gift idea
• get energized about gift-giving as a meaningful delight!

Please bring to the video workshop:
• a person in mind who you would like to design a gift for
• optional: a printed copy of the workbook

Lea is collecting stories of great gifts (or terrible gifts!) and she would love to hear yours! Get in touch.

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