Made with Care!

  • Forty (40) cards per set with a mix of easy, medium, and hard puzzles delivers hours of fun.
  • Heavy card stock will hold up over repeated use.
  • Colorful illustrations and word combinations are all original and unique.
  • 2 x 3 inch Altoids-style tin protects cards and includes instructions on the back.

PhenomeNonsense Puzzle Cards

Brain Teasers for Word Geeks!

Master your repertoire of nonsensical vocabulary with the first edition of our silly and challenging PhenomeNonsense Puzzle Cards. Tune up your mind and refine your sense of humor with this set of forty (40) original brain teasers.

Each illustrated word puzzle contains a nonsensical image on the front depicting two unrelated words with overlapping sounds. The answer is on the back of each card…so don’t turn it over until you’re sure you’ve solved the puzzle!


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