Adventurous Gardening!

  • Secretly plant Seed Money in medians and public parks
  • Leave a few with your tip at a restaurant
  • Playfully use them at your local coffee shop or bakery
  • Leave them on sidewalks for people to stumble upon
  • Give them as a unique gift or party favor

100% Non-GMO Seeds.

  • All flower seeds are organic and all vegetable seeds are heirloom and open-pollinated
  • Wildflowers: Black-Eyed Susan, Spurred Snapdragon, Shirley Poppy, White Yarrow, and Sweet Alyssum
  • Herbs: Oregano, parsley, basil, chive, thyme, and sage
  • Root Crops: Carrot and turnip
  • Salad Greens: Bibb, Black Simpson, Salad Bowl Red, radicchio, and endive

Seed Money

It’s Tender for Tending!

These letterpress printed paper coins are embedded with real live seeds. Tuck them in soil, give ’em some water, and watch your investment grow.

  • Pennies = delicate wildflowers
  • Nickels = spritely herbs
  • Dimes = crunchy root crops
  • Quarters = crispy fresh salad greens

Seed Money coins are beautifully designed and printed on handmade paper in the United States. We’ve carefully selected organic and heirloom seeds for each denomination. And we use only vegetable-based inks so every crop is fit to eat. Give a gift that gathers dirt, not dust!

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$9.00 - 30 Mixed Coins

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$30.00 - Party Favor set (12 packets)

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$89.00 - 500 Mixed Coins Bulk

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$149.00 - 1,000 Mixed Coins Bulk

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Scroll down to see photos of all these options and formats!

Sack of 30 Mixed Coins



Volume Pricing:

  • 5-9 units: $8.50
  • 10-99 units: $7.50
  • 100+ units: $6.50

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Party Favor Set (12 packets)


• a dozen packets of 8 coins each
• great as party favors or small promotional giveaways
• price discounts at 100+ packets. Get in touch!

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Bulk Sack: 500 Mixed Coins


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Bulk Sack: 1000 Mixed Coins


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Custom & Promotional Seed Money


Need a big batch of thoughtful gifts or a memorable promotional item? Custom sacks of Seed Money featuring your logo will generate plenty of buzz. You’ll score big points for originality and usefulness too! Custom Seed Money is perfect for:

  • Party/wedding favors
  • Promotional gifts or rewards
  • Trade show giveaways
  • Corporate thank you or welcome gifts

Email Sonja if you’d like more information and pricing.