Tabletop Shows

Here and now and in little things.


Imagining buying tickets for the theater, and when you arrive, you’re the only 2 people in the audience? And the whole show takes place on a tabletop with small found objects, and the host (Lea) invites you to participate in the aesthetic activities? My Tabletop Shows are a wonderfully strange combination of the following: a magic show, a poem, a tea ceremony, a ballet, a therapy session, a natural history museum, a board game, a puzzle, a distant memory, snack time, and a conversation with an old friend. The objects in my wonder cabinet come to life on the table, as we explore ideas and objects together. This is creative non-fiction performed as interactive playspace. There is a script/score, but you, the guests, will complete it.

Tickets below!

Shows take place at Lucky Penny Parlor in Downtown Oakland, California (329 15th Street).

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HUM - Tabletop Show

$100 (pair of tickets)

The current show, HUM, offers a poetic, hands-on consideration of hummingbirds and humans, and a few of the places where they fly together. Come flap your tiny wings in the tea room. You’re invited.

Tickets come in pairs, $100 for two. Each show has an audience of just two people, lasts about an hour, and includes a beverage and light snack.

After purchasing tickets, Lea will email you to schedule your show.

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