Wonder Hunt

It’s a game! It’s a journal! It’s an adventure!

Welcome to Wonder Hunt, a grand adventure of everyday marvels. We don’t need to go far to find magic. We just need to open our hearts to the abundance of being here.

wonder is something–an object, a place, a creature, a phenomena, and more than anything else, an experience–that prompts us to think and feel “wow!” And this book-based, real-world adventure is designed to encourage us to seek the WOW hiding in all things. This treasure hunt is not about collecting actual objects, but rather: moments, experiences.

Your mission?

To seek and find 500 wonders (lovingly illustrated by Lea) while playing an epic game of bingo and reflecting on your findings in this field journal. The book includes a pocketful of 500+ bingo “chip” stickers!

Designed with youth ages 8-11 in mind, but fun for all ages!

By Lea Redmond.
Published by Collective Book Studio, 2022.


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