Thank you to The Awesome Foundation SF for funding Tangible Possibility!

Tangible Possibility Speed “Dating”

Play your way to new people.

Dating can be such a drag, especially for introverts like me, so I designed a get-to-know-you event that was pretty much my dream way to meet new people. And it worked! Attendees were greeted by a friendly, light-hearted structure designed to draw out the true self and reveal a bit of it to everyone in the room. No one had to fall back on boring default questions like “where are you from?” They were too busy engaging in creative, tactile experiences like making “imaginary” business cards, interpreting Rorschach ink blots in pairs, and throwing paper airplanes that held childhood memories. Tangible Possibility began with a ceremonious confiscation of cell phones, and ended with people receiving their “matches” — new friends, colleagues, or romantic interests — a few days later. See the image gallery and captions for details.