We Sing

It pointed to the stars and so…

Singer-songwriter Sonya Cotton and I collaborated to make this special handkerchief. It’s a song, a hanky, and a puzzle — all in one! I wish all merch tables at music shows had strange objects like this for sale.

Solving the puzzle involves folding the hanky in a particular way to match the line in the song: “The feather in my hair you nestled in with care / It pointed to the stars and so / Aligned them all in a row.”

If Sonya has any of these hankies left for sale, you’ll find them here on her Bandcamp site, where you can also listen to the full song: “We Sing.”

You can also hear Sonya sing in our studio. We hosted her band, Tiny Home, for A Tiny Concert! (Tiny Home is available for weddings and special events.)