What’s in the Kit?

  • One piece of screenprinted organic cotton notebook “paper.”
  • One skein of gray pencil-colored embroidery floss; plenty for a short paragraph.
  • One needle.

Made with Care!

  • Organic cotton is soft to the touch and machine washable for easy clean up.
  • Silkscreened and sewn in the USA to ensure the highest quality and craftsmanship.
  • Expert stitching skills are most certainly not required! The more handmade it looks, the more sincere your words will seem.

Notebook “Paper” Embroidery Kit

A Personal “Letter” to Treasure!

Take your time and “write” a letter to someone special by stitching sweet words onto this piece of organic cotton notebook “paper.” Tell them how you feel and be as crafty with your words as you are with your hands. We guarantee they’ll treasure the embroidered letter (and you) for years to come. They might even frame it!

Will you stitch a favorite quotation? Or perhaps a poem? A sweet missive or a weighty tome?

Includes embroidery floss and needle. Comes in cellophane bag.

$6.90/ kit, sold by the case of 6: $41.40/case

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