Made with Care!

  • Punch Boxes are assembled to order and loaded by hand in California
  • Wood cores deliver a solid substantial feel in your hand
  • Twelve (12) secret compartments; each holds one scroll message
  • Japanese washi tape makes the edge pop with color
  • Two layers of tissue paper over each compartment gives just the right “punch”
  • Secret messages are loaded in no particular order
  • Full color graphics on front and back
  • 3 inches square, 1/2 inch deep
  • Packaged in a glassine envelope for safe travels

Punch Boxes

Say It With Suspense!

Our vintage-inspired Punch Boxes pack lots of surprises. Twelve small compartments conceal secret messages that are only revealed when “punched” out. We offer 5 different themed versions – each pre-filled with delightful content!

$7.45/punch box, sold by the case of 6: $44.70/case
PBFM (6)  / PBHOT (6) / PBIOU (6) / PBSW (6)

Five (5) unique cover themes will spur your creativity:

  • Sweet Words
  • I’m So Hot For You
  • Full Moon
  • I-O-U