How it works:

1) Decide how much moolah you’d like to spend on your curio search and choose the corresponding cart button.


2) Reply to your email receipt with your 20 words for Lea. Send me any 20 words that somehow or another mean a lot to you. They can be nouns, verbs, ideas, people’s names, places, emotions, theories, song titles, whatever you like. It’s best to provide a nice mix of these word types. While my search process is far from formulaic, I will keep your words in mind while I am selecting your curio and I promise that a least a handful of your words will be incorporated into the result.

Curio Search Service

Send me twenty meaningful words, and I will find you a special object.

I have a special place in my heart for eBay. It is a junk shop with endless aisles in which curious objects fill the shelves and dangle from the ceiling. In my tiny little world, I’m known for employing my strategic and creative search methods to find the most delightful and unusual things on eBay. I offered this service about a decade ago, and I’m delighted to re-vive it for you here today! Please browse the gallery to the left to see examples of curios that I’ve found for curious customers. Each curio comes with a brief note about how it connects to your words.

*Please keep in mind: the value of these objects is in the creative selection process and the note, not their objective value in the marketplace.

Read below the gallery for more detailed instructions.

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