Tea Cup Consultation

A cup to encourage you.

Tell me what’s going on for you in your life right now — in big or small ways, serious or silly, dark or light. Tell me about something small, like this morning’s weather, or explain to me an existential life question. I’ll work with whatever you give me! I will select a tea cup for you that is a creative response to whatever is going on for you, with the hope that it encourages you in whatever ways you’re needing.

Pay $50 to enjoy tea with Lea over Zoom for half hour (I will drink out of the cup I choose for us!), or pay $200 and Lea will search out a cup for you to keep forevermore (in addition to 1/2 hour on Zoom), or commission a “magical realism” cup designed just for you by Lea, based on a Zoom consultation ($500, includes an original painting, examples below).

Please Check Back Soon!