Please enjoy this free download of my worksheets. I recommend printing it before watching the video workshop (below).

workshop: The Joy of Associative Thinking

Come play with me!

Lea Redmond has a bouncy brain. It might seem like she’s all over the place, but there’s a common thread. She never knows quite where she’s going, but she does know she’s hot on the trail of something good.

Or at least, she might be. Join Lea for an associative thinking adventure – stories, exercises and experiments. The first half of the field trip will be a close look into Lea’s creative postal projects, illustrating how associative thinking can lead from The World’s Smallest Post Service to The Desk at Lake Merritt to Postage Stamp Protest.

The second half will be interactive, full of quirky exercises and an opportunity to play with one of your own ideas. Come strengthen your associative thinking muscles and see where they can take you!

Download the worksheets and watch the workshop below!

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