Knit The Sky

Knitting projects as small adventures.

Most knitting patterns call for yarn, needles, and familiarity with abbreviations such as CO, K2tog, and St st. Typical patterns might even ask you to keep track of alternating colors on a grid. The creative knitting projects you’ll find here are creatures of an entirely different sort.

Yes, you’ll need yarn, needles and basic knitting skills. But most importantly, you’ll need a sense of whimsy and adventure. These surprising patterns will inspire you to look out your window, ride the subway and converse with your next-door neighbor. They will have you re-reading your favorite book and feeding a pocketful of coins into the gum ball machine in front of your supermarket. In order to knit these unique one-of-a-kind garments, you’ll be sent out into the world to turn something as simple as a scarf into a surprising story.

Find the book, Knit The Sky, in bookstores everywhere.

Enjoy these 6 free patterns by Lea as PDFs for download.